Monday, September 1, 2014

Chris Lyon's LVN Lyon Valley Northern

My good buddy, Chris Lyon began his Lyon Valley Northern model railroad in 2006.  It hosted numerous operating sessions and recently was dismantled pending a move on Chris's part.  These images showcase Chris's great modelling and operational skills.

Chris asked me to build the Alder Models Third Class CNoR station for him which I felt privileged to do for him.

I painted the stations in the appropriate colours for the location in western Canada that Chris was modelling.

Here we see a VIA train in care of a Canadian National locomotive approaching the station after rounding Hamer Curve!

The station fits in perfectly with the foothills of the Rockies rising in behind.

One of the outer buildings that fit in so well with the scene.  The building and the station are resin kits.

A trackside view.

Another "in the scene" shot.

A BNSF tandem painted in the executive scheme is hauling a coal drag around Hamer Curve.

I've always loved this big center cab on Chris's layout.

A view of the BNSF crew drilling the starboard mine.
More pics to come later.

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