Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tommy Hood's Canadian Northern Railroad

This CNoR trains tiptoes across the Brian Earl trestle with a manifest train in tow. Notice the new background as compared to an earlier version in the image three below this one.

This is a recent image of Tommy's trestle after Chris painted a new backdrop. The same location is shown in the image below.

Tommy Hood's Canadian Northern model railroad takes up the entire footprint of his sprawling bungalow as well as a large section which resides below his two car garage!

This image shows a train crawling across the Brian Earl trestle. Brian is a local modeller who is renowned for his custom painting work in N-scale. Tommy's layout pictured above is HO scale.

Rounding "BrokeBack Mountain".

On approach to the Brian Earl Trestle.

Stepping out onto the first span.

The stockcars are where they should be...directly behind the locomotive for watering purposes en-route.

Down by the station at Hammond.

A "meet" with a passenger and a freight train.
The freight is conducting some local switch moves.

By the swamp that Carl built.

The ore dump.

Stepping out onto the Brian Earl Trestle.

A "pass" at the platform.

The two Mikes, me and the other Mike!

Here's Tommy...the man himself.

An eastbound passing a few industries.

Meet at the swamp.

Coming out of a tunnel.

The great curved trestle near the main entrance to the room.

Coming into Montreal shortly. 

A hive of activity.

Nice angle.

Large classification yard at Montreal.

Head-on shot.

Being serviced.

Beauties in grey!

Brian operating the lower yard.

Fred and Monique in the crew lounge with Doug at the dispatch board.

Happy operators in the double decked area.

Who wouldn't have a smile on their face at Tommy's incredible layout!

Tommy at the helm.

Stan working the levers for the large yard.

Rounding "Brokeback Mountain".

At the station.

Out in the country.

Through the muskeg.

Me in Montreal.

Love the line of track.

Engine servicing area.

Into the darkness.

Bill and Tom sharing a drink and a smile.

Quite the stable.

What an immense facility!

On the siding...miles from nowhere!

At the industry.

The ferry terminal.

In a yard.


The caboose track.

Some switching going on.

Through the Ontario landscape.

Peering up.

Quite the view!

Night time.

Westbound out of Montreal.

To bed for the night.

A loaded gondola.

In the hole.

The ferry terminal from a slightly higher angle.

Close-up view.

Climbing the grade.

Helper service required.

Performing some switching.

Out in the country.

Monique and Fred.

Between Brokeback Mountain and the Brian Earl Trestle.

The coal unloading area at Hammond.

Cars parked at Hammond.  I wonder how many belong to railfans!

Tom and Paul discussing matters.

Artsy aerial view.

A nice load.

The big yard at Montreal.

About to depart Montreal.

Arriving Hammond.

Station stop at Hammond.

Taking a breather.

Off we go!

A pass at Hammond.

Coming into daylight.

A meeting of minds.

Around the curved trestle.

A "going away" shot.

Along the roadway.

Coming into Montreal.

The turntable.

The passenger terminal in Montreal.

Resting a while.

Awaiting its next run.

A beautiful steamer.

A Canadian Northern locomotive.

Through the yard.

Somewhere in Ontario.

A nice looker.

I'm swamped!

Another angle.

From far away.

On a siding track.

A "going away" shot.

By the rock face.

With a partner.

Cool low angle shot.

Hauling a reefer.

Railfan view of the engine area.

Looking across the expansive yard at Montreal.

A peek into the roundhouse.

Montreal under construction.

A nice looking yard it is!

What's this...a diesel?  I believe these three appear to be the only diesels on the entire railroad.

The levers to control yard turnouts.

In the roundhouse.

Lots of engines.  Oh...I've spotted the nose of another diesel...make that four diesels!

No, this is not the Starship Enterprise...but it is one heck of an enterprise for sure!

Stan sure looks like a giant among men in this snapshot!

Here I am having a ball with throttle in hand!

Thanks for taking the time to view these great pictures of Tommy's incredible layout.
Have a great day!  Mike Hamer

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