Monday, September 1, 2014

Chris Lyon's LVN Lyon Valley Northern

My good buddy, Chris Lyon began his Lyon Valley Northern model railroad in 2006.  It hosted numerous operating sessions and recently was dismantled pending a move on Chris's part.  These images showcase Chris's great modelling and operational skills.

Chris asked me to build the Alder Models Third Class CNoR station for him which I felt privileged to do for him.

I painted the stations in the appropriate colours for the location in western Canada that Chris was modelling.

Here we see a VIA train in care of a Canadian National locomotive approaching the station after rounding Hamer Curve!

The station fits in perfectly with the foothills of the Rockies rising in behind.

One of the outer buildings that fit in so well with the scene.  The building and the station are resin kits.

A trackside view.

Another "in the scene" shot.

A BNSF tandem painted in the executive scheme is hauling a coal drag around Hamer Curve.

I've always loved this big center cab on Chris's layout.

A view of the BNSF crew drilling the starboard mine.
More pics to come later.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Michel Boucher's D&H Layout

Michel's Delaware and Hudson model railroad depicts a colourful Northeastern railroad. The D&H is a bridge line and Michel has chosen to model a branchline off this bridge route.

This area of Michel's layout is the new extension out into the crew lounge area.

This caboose hop crossing the bridge in gorgeous scenery is the view one has while sitting in the sofa in the crew lounge.

Michel lives in Aylmer, Quebec...just across the Ottawa River from Ottawa, Ontario. His layout is operations-based and has beautiful scenery. He has recently doubled the size of the model railroad with his extension into his crew lounge. Chris painted the fabulous backdrops you see in the scene above.

A rail diesel car is spotted piercing a long rock cut in the Adirondack Mountains..

The paint scheme on the D&H is desired by many with the lightning stripe blue and grey looking so handsome.

There is not a model railroader alive who would not be able to identify the Baldwin Shark-nosed diesels that plied the rails of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad! Thank you Michel, for continuing to run these rares beauties!

A Jordan spreader off in the distance.

Passing the rock face.

Across one of the many bridges on the layout.

The station at Corinth.

In the yard.

Rounding the bend beneath the trestle.

The large facility out in the crew lounge.

The highway overpass.

A nice backdrop adds to the staging area.

A handsome looking diesel.

Wood loads on the siding.

Across the trestle.

A road switcher hauling a unit train.

Near the diesel facility.

A closer look at the lumber yard.

Slightly further back.

Nice industries.

The painted backdrop is very effective.

The Jordan spreader in the yard.

Mama and baby bear better watch out!

Entering the tunnel which will take the train from the crew lounge area back into the main layout room.

Here is the tunnel entrance in the main layout room where the train will appear.

Employees' housing.

The Sharks traversing the landscape in the state of New York.

This unit train of empties is about to cross the bridge in the lounge.

Another look at the diesel engine facilities.

Allan's Lane in honour of our late friend, Allan Lane.

Normand worked as a dispatcher for the real railroad as his career.

So why not do the same on the model railroad!

Here's Michel, himself!
Thanks for checking in on a great railroad.  Have a super day!  Mike Hamer

Bill Sn3 Scobie's Rio Grande Southern Layout

If you want to see trestles spanning mountainside gorges, all you need to do is visit Bill Scobie's fabulous S-scale narrow gauge layout in the Ottawa region.

Bill Sn3 Scobie lives in Aylmer, Quebec, just across the Ottawa River from our nation's capital. He models the Rio Grande Southern, a railroad based in Colorado.

Bill's layout is a joy to behold and a blast to operate! His mountain scenes are spectacular!

The meticulous attention to detail found on Bill's trestles is amazing.

Some sections are on narrow shelves.

A nice close-up of one of Bill's many locomotives.

Rounding the bend.

A water stop.

Me with Joel.

Fred and Monique.

The Pro Patria Mine.

A full yard.

John, Bill, Joel and me.

Chris is all smiles.

Making the grade.

Another trestle.

Paul and John in a further aisleway.

Great structures.

Replicating real places like Ophir.

Phenomenal rolling stock.

The road crossing.

The plow has to be ready for the snow high up in the mountains.

Coming out of the big curve.

 The engine house.

Quite the fleet.

A full stable.

A busy yard.

Tons of operation.

Down by the station at Ridgeway.

Great looking vehicles.


Loading facility.

A massive complex at Vanadium.

Going up...going down.

Time for a gulp of water.

Rounding the bend.

Great weathering.

Effective backdrops.

Great rockwork.

At eye level.

Taking a rest.

Great scene at the end of the peninsula.

From another angle.

The lower deck.

Pick up your orders.

On the turntable.

Love the colours in this gem of a steamer.

Another huge complex.

In for the night.

The pre-ops briefing.

Two Johns.


The tail end.

Joel and John on two levels.

Yard shot.

Helicopter view.

Nice looking complex.

Equally nice structures.

Joel and Paul kibitzing.

At altitude.

Love this locomotive!

Fred and Monique.

Joel having a ball!

A lovely curved yard.

The station at Placerville...where's the train?

The rotary is being moved.

Ah, yes...finally some action!

Lovely curve.

I'll follow the 278.

She's a beauty.

Love the Rio Grande Trailways bus!

Spotted the 278 again...same photo near the beginning of the post.

The engine's territory.

Action packed!

Obviously some switch moves happening.

A tidy little industry.

Yet another glimpse of the 278.

Number 25 has a plow.

On the move.

A galloping goose!

A runaround move.

Back on the train.

At Placerville again.

On the curve at Ophir.

The town of Ophir.

Time for a water stop.

The vehicles certainly add a splash of colour to the scene.

Stan and Peter playing for the camera!

Nice rolling stock in Sn3.

Being loaded soon.

Still love the colour of railroading.


The switcher assigned to Vanadium.

25 climbing the hill.

A closer view.

The tail end.

That sweeping curve inspires.

The engine area.

Tighter view.

At Ophir.

Helper service up the grade.  Yes, two operators run the two locomotives independent of each other (one at the front of the train and one at the back or double-headed).

You can't help but admire Bill's work with his locomotives, rolling stock, vehicles, structures and scenery!

A final look at one of Bill's fine trestles.

Here are Jim and Bill sharing a chuckle.
I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial perspective of Bill's incredible layout.
Have a wonderful day!  Mike Hamer